~~~iTs Meee~~~

~~~iTs Meee~~~

Friday, June 24, 2011

~~i wish that u know...~~

i wish that u know my feel..
i wish that u see me..
i wish that u hear me..
i wish that u can be beside me..
i wish that u never leave me..
i wish that u will become my soul..
i wish that u become my heart..

i wish that u know how much i care about u..keep thinking u every second..
i never regret's i keep texting u..although u never reply..enough for me darl..
i want to see and hear u said "yes i do love u"..i'll wait that moment dear..
i'll wait 4 u my dear..i can wait u..there no body can replace u in my mind..
every second that i have is 4 u love..
i'm begging u..just open ur eye's..i'm more perfect than he..i can love u with all my heart..
just see me..give me the chance to make u smile ..be with u..
it should be me holding ur hand..it should be me making u laugh..it should be me bying u present..should be my shoulder that u lend when u crying..it's me my dear..
mabey it's just a dream my dear..
i do luv u..
but i'm afraid if i tell u..it will bother u..
so i just be like this :)
i do luv u budak kecik..
wish u be mine~~

Thursday, June 23, 2011

~~goyang kepala goyang~~

it's been a while..not a while i think..
it's been so long im not update my lovely blog..!
so far so gud..
banyak berita baik berita buruk..
the good new's is..
sy dah kerja! hahaha..sekejap je la..sebelum smbung balik kt tati tersyg..!
sbb tu la kot xde mse nak blogger2 neh..
keje hari2 bz je..bz la sgt kn?
bz la..! huhu
bse la..hidup pun macam biasa..nothing special happen..as usual..
bgun pagi..mandi..amik phone kt tepi tv..yg dah penuh dicharge..
tgok phone xde cpe2 pun nk msj..haha..
macam biasa kan?
hurmm..pkai baju g kerja..
smpai tmpat kerja termenung kt pintu kabin ni ha..tgok budak2 buat kerja..dari kol 10 smapi la kol 7..xde buat ape2..
busannyeee hidup..
sometimes wish my world end now..
feel dont deserve live at all..
mabey sumone should used my life..
balik kerja pun dok rumah..tgok tv..rasa nk online online la..
tapi ape dapat ngn online?
kat chat list beratus2 online..bila tegur semua x jwb..diam je..
so fucking bored lah..!
wish someone here beside me that can cheer me up..just like the old time..
just like what skylar grey said " i need a doctor to bring me back to life "
sho's gonna be the doctor..keep waiting till the last breath..
i just can see the people that i care haapy beside their partner..
enough for me to see them happy..
sedih la pulak kn?
haha..just a simple story..doesn't need any attention from anyone..
just do what i want..
dunno where to write this damm thing..my diary already full..haha..
apebnde conteng pun x thu..
just feel people around me dont want to accept my self..
just be a rock in the middle of the road..
sampai disini warkah sya.berjumpa di lain hari..hhahahaa bye!